Guidance For Service Users

In late 2014 Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and CTO partnered to create the role of a Sector Development Manager (SDM) with a view to supporting the community transport (CT) sector to successfully transition across key changes during the process of reform. Kate Toohey was successful in the role, and has been working with the CTO, TfNSW and CT service providers (CTSPs) to support the CT sector with managing the transitions, changes and challenges during this time.

The SDM role hs the following objectives:

  • To assist the CTO in supporting CTSPs to increase efficiencies in service delivery, maximise outputs and achieve accreditation under the new Regulations (yet to be released) of the Passenger Transport Act 2014 and the Point to Point Transport Act.
  • To assist the CTO in supporting CTSPs to develop quality management processes, including the development, or augmentation, of continuous improvement processes that are customer centric and focus on improving CT service delivery from the customer’s perspective.
  • To coordinate CT sector input into the reform agenda through targeted consultation, development of increased and / or effective communications pathways and assisting the CTO in the delivery of key engagement projects.

What does this mean for me and my service?

If your service is a TfNSW funded CT service and/or a CTO Member service, then your service and staff can call on the SDM, Kate Toohey, and/or the CTO to provide information, suggestions, advice or access to resources or further professional advice.

The CTO also offers strategic planning workshops and session facilitation for CTSP managers, staff and boards.

The CTO has now worked with a number of CTO Members to present strategic planning sessions and workshops to CTSP Boards of Management.

Most recently we were delighted to be invited to facilitate a four-hour strategic planning workshop with a Hunter Region CTO Member. It was a packed session, including group work, presentation time and facilitated strategic planning processes. We have also facilitated an Illawarra-South East CTO Member’s service full-day planning session, resulting in a highly strategic and easily consumable Strategic Plan.

Both Stavros Koufis, CEO, and Kate Toohey, SDM, come with a range of skills and expertise that will bring out the best in your board, managers, and staff during a strategic planning session or workshop.

The CTO would like to extend an invitation to all CTSPs to consider the benefits of our services and to contact the CTO for a quote if interested.

Please contact Kate Toohey, Sector Development Manager at CTO, on 0466 011 305 or for further information or to seek further assistance or guidance as a community transport service provider.