Find out how to access the new member area

In September this year the CTO launched its brand new CRM.

If you were familiar with the old CTO website you’ll notice this one is a little bit different! 

Everyone’s login details have changed. So if you didn’t access yours before the old website shut down you need to email Kate at and she’ll send them to you. When you login for the details change your password straight away for security purposes.

We also have a user guide for you. This will help you get the most out of the new members area.

Please login and update your details as soon as possible!


The CTO is excited to announce the launch of the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). It is an essential component of delivering you efficient and high-quality products and services through the CTO.

Please log in as soon as possible and update your password by typing in your new password in the field under your service name and then clicking the blue save button on your home page.

Why a CRM?

  • Brings the CTO into the world of meaningful data analytics
  • Enables your Peak Body to lobby more effectively on your behalf
  • Leverage industry-wide statistics for the group purchasing opportunities
  • Allows you the freedom to store and collate all peak body resources in one location securely with global accessibility
  • Every CTO member gets a private portal and login (previously sent out to members*). Your portal is not viewable by the public and is totally secure.
  • Updated your details recently? Login to CRM, update relevant fields and they will sync to the website and CTO member database. No need to call or email the CTO! (It also means less admin for us).
  • Membership renewal will be streamlined through the CRM
  • A record of all transactions with the CTO will be kept in your secure area.
  • CTSP’s can use it as their own CRM. Some of you may have a CRM already, but we’re aware that this is out of reach for many smaller providers. Please maximize this resource, however that looks for you.
  • CTO’s new membership management system
  • Shared Libraries and resources
  • CRM will create massive efficiencies for your Peak Body assisting us to deliver even greater value for your investment

It’s especially exciting for us at the CTO as an advocacy tool. We take the lobbying we do on your behalf very seriously, and we need the most current and accurate data to do this well.

The CRM is our new membership management system, and we need you to do something for us; update your details. Some of them have been prefilled, and we’d love it if you’d make sure these fields are complete are Member; Branches; Branch Types (Office Address, PO BOX, outlets etc.); Funding and Services.

The more information you fill in (even if not right away) the better we are able to serve you in advocacy and many other areas.

The CRM webpage is now live, so follow the LINK.