Grateful accident victim’s quest to find his heroes leads him to the team at RWCTG

Sep 7, 2022

A few months ago, an unsuspecting driver named Frank was heading south west on the M5 just after the tunnel underneath the runway at Mascot when a truck alongside him moved into his lane and struck his vehicle. Frank’s vehicle spun around, struck the guard rail and ended sideways in front of the truck which then ‘T boned’ the driver’s side.

 A community transport vehicle, full of clients on a social trip, witnessed the accident and immediately stopped to render assistance to Frank. The bus driver and bus assistant  helped Frank out of his vehicle and moved the car to a safer place, then helped Frank back into the community bus for comfort and stayed with him until emergency services arrived.

 Frank was finally taken away in an ambulance with a broken sternum and the very shaken community transport crew and passengers continued on their way. They all thought that was the last they’d heard from Frank until last week when Frank walked in to the office of Randwick Waverly Community Transport (RWCTG) looking for the people who had helped him.

He had already been to five different Community Transport offices so he was relieved and delighted when he finally found his heroes, bus driver Steve and bus assistant Angie at RWCTG! Frank was very grateful that Steve and Angie had taken the time to stop and assist him at the scene of the accident.

Thankfully, Frank has made a full recovery and we thank him for making the effort to personally thank his rescuers. We also want to thank Steve and Angie for the care and support they showed Frank and for the constant care and support they show our customers every day.


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