Active Care Network launches NSW’s First Electric Community Transport Bus

Jan 16, 2023

Active Care Network in Kingswood, Western Sydney has become the first community transport operator in NSW to launch an electric  bus with the acquisition of its new 14-seat fully electric Joylong commuter bus this month.

The bus purchase is the first step in the provider’s transition towards zero transmissions and takes the community transport sector one step closer to creating a greener, cleaner, and healthier future for our communities. 

Active Care Network CEO Ben Jackson said, “The price of the new bus compares favourably with current diesel bus prices but combined with the dramatic reduction in running costs – for fuel, servicing and ongoing maintenance – it helps us maximise our productivity as we make an early move into an electric future.” 

The new bus is configured to accommodate wheelchair access and has  front and rear air conditioning, fabric seats and adjustable back rests, helping to make it more comfortable for passengers. With safety features including three-point seat belts for all passengers, driver and front passenger air bags, the new bus will offer safety, a quieter ride and improved comfort levels for drivers and passengers. 

When Clients were asked what they thought of their first ride on the bus, they expressed resounding joy that the bus was “very comfortable, terrific, and quiet” and would love to ride on it again.

Well done to Ben and the Active Care Network Team in taking us one step close to a cleaner, greener world!

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