CTO Academy

Professional development and learning opportunities for community transport directors, employees, and volunteers 


The CTO Academy is a learning platform designed to support organisations delivering accessible and inclusive transport. The CTO Academy exists to connect people to the content, learning and development experiences that build in-demand skills and capabilities that support the transport workforce to deliver compliant, safe and quality mobility solutions for people requiring assistance to access transport.

Created in conjunction with leading subject advisors, the CTO Academy aspires to provide a one-stop resource for the online learning and development needs of the ‘for purpose’ transport sector.

Whether your training needs are to inform best practice, supply a base line standard of training for compliance, or to augment your annual face-to-face training program – we welcome you to consider engaging with the CTO Academy.

For more information, please contact academy@cto.org.au

Community Transport Organisation ltd

Peak Body for Community Transport Providers in NSW.




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