Sometimes, it’s hard for people to get of their homes, for even the of simplest chores. Think about it, you’re in a wheelchair, you’re not sure if you can get on a public bus or train, a shopping centre or even to a medical appointment – how do you get around?

Well that’s an issue that South West Community Transport has been tackling with their Travel Training Program, supporting and helping clients with travel buddies, who help them navigate the logistical nightmare of getting out and about for people with disabilities.

South West Community Transport, Chief Executive Officer, Lyn Bright said we have some wonderful team members who teach our clients how to navigate footpaths, cross the road and even help catch public transport.

“Clients are able gain freedom by being supported by our team, who help them gain the confidence they need to eventually travel out in the community by themselves, it’s a brilliant program.” Ms. Bright said.

Casula resident Paula is one of South West Community Transport’s happy customers. Thanks to her travel trainers Keith and Linda, she’s been able to combat anxiety, gain confidence and find a new-found freedom to get out of her house and into the community.

“Keith has been awesome with me, he has helped me gain confidence using my electric wheelchair and patiently help me overcome all the fears and anxieties I had,” she said.

“They helped me gain my freedom, they organised with my local bus company for me to have a practice session getting on and off an out-of-service bus, at a variety of bus stops which gave me so much confidence,” she said.

“My life had closed in on me, the more my mobility reduced, and I didn’t realise how much I felt isolated until Linda and Keith opened my world up. Now, I believe I can catch a bus, I can go out into the community and I have the confidence to use time tables, to deal with issues if they crop up.” she said.

“Every time I do something now, it just builds on my self-esteem and nothing is more important than that.”

Paula says next up, with the right support she’ll be tackling public trains, her real phobia – but we’re pretty sure with the right help from South West Community Transport, she’ll get all the support she needs.

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