Membership with the Community Transport Organisation (CTO) ensures your organisation is aligned with a strong and supportive community, working together to elevate the importance that inclusive and accessible transport solutions play in a healthy community.

The CTO is the Peak Body for promoting and supporting an accessible and equitable transport industry. By providing valuable advocacy, support, and enriched transport specific programs, we work to build sector capability, support innovation, and embed the principles of inclusive and equitable transport throughout all facets of life.

Our mission is to support all members to provide inclusive, equitable, and affordable transport to the community. The CTO partners with members to build a transport sector that is responsive to the local environment, flexible and innovative. We envision a transport sector that is aspirational and innovative. A human centric sector focused on connection and wellbeing.

As the voice of accessible transport, the CTO seeks to consult and collaborate with a vast range of stakeholders, to challenge the status quo, to carve a path toward a vital, inclusive, accessible and equitable transport sector.

Please join us on this critical journey.


The confluence of political change and the ongoing reform and transition continues to be a burden for our industry. While both State and Commonwealth Governments wrangle with health, aged care and transport reform, the community transport industry sits poised to respond with quality care-based services within community and for community.

The past two years have not been wasted. The sector, supported by the CTO, has remained engaged, active and united, advocating for funding and regulation pursuant to the needs of our communities and preparing the industry for transition to a new landscape for service delivery.

With the release of three Position Papers, the CTO spoke clearly to Government outlining the key requests for supporting equitable and inclusive transport.

Read the full papers here:

‘Equitable Social Connection for Older Australians: A Transport Perspective’

State Election 2023 Call to Action 1 – ‘Eliminating Transport Insecurity in NSW’

State Election 2023 Call to Action 2 – ‘Inclusive Transport for ALL’

With this work, we have set the standard for moving forward. The CTO is working toward a dynamic where inclusivity and equity in transport are a part of every Government related decision across health, disability, transport, aged care and infrastructure. Transport simply cannot be left out of the conversation anymore. It is too important for the quality of life and connectedness of our communities. 

CTO Board Members and Management left to right: Paddianne Archdale, Darrin Wilson, Sally Walters, Isaac Smith, Tara Russell, Ben Jackson, Jamie Newman, Greg Stanger, Kathryn Akre. Absent: Vicki Lennox.

The CTO Board embraces its obligation to elevate the issues around inclusive and accessible transport. We commit to support each other, to embrace all perspectives and to carve a way forward toward a strong and vital, accessible transport sector for all Australian communities.

The CTO Board will continue to invest in sector research that supports advocacy from a place of strength and evidence. It will draw upon independent empirical data to support the impact that our industry has on community. We will continue to look forward, and to set a strong and relevant strategic direction for our industry.

Join us on this journey toward a community that is entirely connected through transport.


  • Strong Information Pathways – weekly newsletter and Industry knowledge-based webinars (two per month)
  • Relevant and current website plus CT Solutions for peer connections and discussions – keeping the sector connected.
  • Issues identification, risk mitigation, and solution-finding.
  • Advocacy through Government, both State and Federal.
  • Participation in sector-wide research, consultation, and discussion forums.
  • Partner with members to plan and innovate for future efficiency, productivity, growth and sustainability.
  • Annual conference October 2022.
  • Representation at stakeholder forums like ACTA, ACCPA, ACOSS, ATAC and more.
  • Access to Partner relationships.
  • Training and professional development support.
  • Cultivation of strong cross sector stakeholder relationships.
  • Marketing and Communications resources and support.
  • Strong sector leadership.


  • Partner across community, government and private sector to enhance the position of CTO members and the industry as a whole.

  • Advocate at the highest levels of the State and Federal Government to express the position of inclusive and equitable transport for all Australians to remain connected and living quality, self-determined lives.

  • Promote the wellbeing benefits and social impact of transport access and the necessary role transport plays in maintaining independence
    and connectedness.

  • Seek capability building opportunities for member organisations that support better, smarter and more efficient business development.

  • Create the space for organisations to connect, collaborate, communicate and innovate together for the mutual promotion and growth of the sector. 


The Mentorship Program is an aspirational program that aims to expand membership to include organisations that otherwise may not be able to enjoy the support and benefits provided by the CTO.

The mentorship relationship is designed to provide a level of support mutually agreed upon by both parties.

The goal is to provide advice and guidance, greater understanding of the sector, and ultimately to build a safe and supportive relationship that promotes stability and growth.

The program seeks to strengthen our sector and provide growth and leadership opportunities to both mentors and mentees.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please do not hesitate to reach out for a discussion.



An entity that provides community transport services. 

Annual fee based on funding (CHSP, CTP and HRT)

See fee schedule below



An individual, entity, company, organisation, association, or representative group that does not provide community transport services but has a transport interest and supports the mission and vision of the CTO.

Annual fee $500


To join us, please fill in the below application form. You can pay online via the PAY NOW button on the bottom of the form or tick the box to receive an invoice. Please select your level of membership from the list below based on your organisation’s annual income.

Category 1 - Available to an entity that provides community transport services. This may be a funded service (CHSP or CTP). Please select your level based on your organisational annual income. All Fees include GST.

Category 2 - Available to an entity, company, organisation, association, or representative group that does not provide community transport services but has a transport interest and supports the mission and vision of the CTO.

Mentorship Category - Open to community transport providers who fall within the Category 1/Level 1 membership fee structure above.

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