National Issues Conference – #communitytransport is not just for managers of community transport services providers, it is for the everyday hard-working staff members and volunteers, who really want to make a difference in their community.

Sending your community transport staff to a two-day conference in the nation’s capital, might seem like a big commitment if you are a small or council-operated community transport. CTO realise that it can be a juggling act to reorganise daily operations, but we would like to point out the advantages for attending the conference for ALL your staff not just managers.

Take for example Mark Callaghan, Safety and Assets Coordinator at The Community Transport Company, he attended his first CTO conference last year and brought back with him a wealth of knowledge that he has put into practice during the year.

“It was great to see in real time, technology that could benefit our organisation and in turn, our customers. Being in the room with businesses, showing us the latest in accessible modifications, vehicles and even computer software was a real eye-opener, displaying what is available and how these products can make our community transport service more efficient.” Mr. Callaghan said.

“The conference program allowed us to walk throughout sponsor stalls while on break from speakers and there were also workshops from sponsors which went into depth about technology,” he said.

“It was my first conference as a new employee to the community transport sector, so networking with others in the same role and researching what others are doing was extremely helpful.”

“It also made me realise how big the community transport world is, not just throughout the State but across the country. It made me think about everyone’s community not just mine.”

Sometimes, training and educating your staff to do the best job they can do, can only be measured by the impact this makes on the community.